Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I finally have completed my project on The Vaio. it has been great and I have had ups and downs. The ups are that I figured out how to make an animoto and voicethread which I can use for several other I.T or D.T projects next year. Aswell I have found out how to change the colour of my blog to fit my likings and to make it more presentable when I eventually presented my findings. The downs are that I was apsent on the previous I.T lesson when everyone was finishing the last of their projects, yet I had not completed my project and I had to work on it at home which took away my other homeowrk time for other work I had to complete in time. Overall I had not exactly reached the pottential that I wanted on this project yet I still had fun and completed it ontime eventhough it wasnt what I truely wanted in the end. During this project I had many problems with recording the voicethread prentation, becuase the microphones did not record and everthing I said went all fuzzy once I had recorded it. The tools that I used like the : microphone , computers , blogger , class wiki page, animoto and voicethread worked fairly well but I only had trouble uploding music for the animoto and recording my voice for the voicethread.

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Heba7c said...

REBECCCCCCCA :D I really like the way you lay out your blog and it's very organized! Keep it up Becca! x